Parking in the lot at the Downtown Plaza is restricted to individuals and businesses that pay for the privilege.  Using the link below, you can setup an automatic monthly payment for the right to use one or more spaces in the lot. 

Your reservation will entitle you to the use of any space in the lot that is not identified as restricted. The ability to lease specific stalls is not available at this time. A limited number of stalls will be leased to ensure you always have a place to park. After making your payment, you will be directed to a page where you will enter your vehicle information. If you drive different vehicles on different days, be sure to include information for each vehicle. For every one space you reserve, you will be allowed to park one vehicle on the lot at a time. 

Questions? Contact Paul: 467-1603

Choose how many spaces you need:


Cancel Parking

Current parking tenants can cancel their payment by clicking the 'Cancel Parking' button or by emailing . If emailing, be sure to include your name, car info, and the last day you need the space.


Customer Parking

For a map of Downtown Parking provided by the City of Nampa, Click Here

If you are frustrated with the parking situation in downtown Nampa, contact the Mayor.